My stupid heart

I fell in love with an ice cube. He’d been crucified and resurrected,
he told me ” I love you but I am not in love with you”. So I said thank you and goodbye.

I moved on to a dark rock with a chip on his shoulder. He built me a golden cage and said : “marry me and be only mine”. I ran away to be free.

Then I stumbled upon a hollow tree, that embraced me while calling for help. He said I love you-I hate you-I don’t know-let’s just be friends-I love you. I decided not to wait the storm out.

Next was the fixer that couldn’t fix himself. From the bottom of a bottle he declared: “you are too much and not enough at the same time.” I got so burnt I reincarnated.

Then at the lost and found counter, I found me a drifter. I couldn’t have him if I couldn’t keep him. He said it was complicated. Then drifted further away.

So I caught me a spinner that was broken and won’t be mended. He demanded that I be there for him but never ask him to be there for me.

Here I am.
I never learn




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