Scents and pretense

(Un dimanche à Kicukiro)

I need to cook for you
Then watch you eat
And act like I am not hungry
But let you feed me half your food anyway
Later smell my cooking on your shirt
As I take it off your back
Then watch you taste me
And smell myself on your lips
As I kiss you
I need to see you bathe
And act like I am not coming in
But end up in the tub with you anyway
Scrub your back wash your hair
Smell my schampoo on you
Later as I dry your hair
And you sit there in my towel
And then without it
Watch me taste you
And forget about the wet hair
Smell the scent of you
On every inch of my skin
Then watch you fall asleep
And say I am not sleepy yet
But fall asleep entangled with you anyway
And not know whose sweat it is
Wake up in your arms
Wondering whose bed it is
And where the night went
And do it all over again
But this time a bit slower.


Dedicated to N&K – I love how you love.


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