Late night masquerade

Heard a song the other night
It painted the exact picture
In the frame of my mind
Under my disguise I shivered
Skin turned to goose
And my papier mâché mask
Started to cling to my skin
Mimicking me
And the memory of our scenes
A quarter after one
And I needed you then
A shot of vodka
Without your beer breath
Everything now
A half-empty mirror
Of everything then
An hour earlier
You said sweet dreams my sweet
So explain the sour insomnia
Your black shirt
My red socks
Our blue sheets
My black bed
In this strange room
That forgot your scent
Your locks my kinks
Our limbs
Interlocked instincts
And pseudonyms
Echoing voice
In a head too full
The fleeting promise
Of a lighter morn
The time of year
When you come back to me
With a quiver full of rays
You sunshine right through
This cold heart that waits
All these pieces and more
Overcrowd my mind
Just a few strokes
Of a stranger’s guitar
And words written
For somebody else
But it does not matter
They color you back
Into my gray picture.



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