Missing the rain

There is no umbrella
For the rains inside a heart
No shelter, no comfort
Just the constant shedding of ones insides
And you may mimick the sun
with your teeth and call it a smile
Plaster it under your eyes to last a while
There still is no hiding
For when the rains are inside
Just sit and pray for a rainbow

Suddenly the rains stop
And you are fooled into thinking
The downpour lets the light in
And you uncover yourself
From your wet soiled cloak
And prepare to walk into the sun
But it’s only the end of the beginning
Because suddenly comes the darkness
Dry, hard, cold, DARK
You miss the rain
You claw at the strain
It only brings pain
And waves become blades
And the wind becomes sharp
Before it stills into frightening silence
And you miss the rain
At least then you got wet
You got touched
You were noticed
Under this obscure stillness
You question your existence
Only the pain reminds you of life
Only the pain keeps you alive. 



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