Child soldier

You think if I see your real face
I’ll judge you for the things
Adults made you do to yourself
It is not your fault

You can come out so I can tell you this
And many more things you missed
You can come out so I can love you
To pieces and back to peace
You can come out and show me
The things that move under you scars
Let me love you

You can cry in my presence
Tears wash away the pretence
You can come play with me
And see the child you could be
Let me see you

You can help me rebuild you
We’ll exorcise what’s haunting you
And make place for memories in the sun
I know you can never go home again
So here is a home you can call your own
You can let me repaint your days
So you can dream in color this  time
Let me hold you

I won’t press too hard
I won’t reopen your wounds
I’ll let you heal and bring you water
I have no magic words
No super powers, no quick fix
All I can give you is a promise
To never forget how you smell.
I will call you by your name
I will fix the cracks in your heels
I will pick up every single piece of you
I will love you back to Peace

– Mpinga –


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