The things I remember from 2014

The past year was quite eventful in my little life. It was a year of great highs and very low lows. My heart sang and my heart was broken. I celebrated a lot but also experienced painful losses.
I wanted to share a few things that stayed with me as we transitioned into 2015.

Do  the things that make your heart sing, no matter what. Because the HEART does not lie. And it always sings in tune. Remember that.

Learn to recognise and ACCEPT your own limits. These may change over time and/or depending on circumstances, but there is always just so much you can do, be, give, have, love, receive.

When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.
Do not be so arrogant as to believe that you can change them by your sheer will. Love won’t be enough either, no matter how much.
But do not be so stubborn as to believe that people cannot change either. They will change if they WANT to.

Just because a person says they love you doesn’t mean they do not love themselves more. Their words will proclaim you queen/king but their actions place a crown on their own head everyday. Do not take this wrong. Learn from it. Let your actions make YOU your own queen/king. Who said we’ll never be royals?

Do not get bitter because your expectations of another turned into disappointments. Learn to demand more of YOURSELF and not so much of others. You will be pleasantly surprised more often that way.
Not all the “love” is good and not all the “hate” is bad. FOR YOU. Learn to see truth in other people’s perception of you and to use it to your betterment.

Just because something is true does not mean it needs to be said. Or known. Or that you have to be the one to say it.
Keep some truths to yourself and find peace in SILENCE.

Parents are probably the only people who will hug you when they are mad at you, slap you because they are worried for you, and smile when they want to strangle you. It’s ALWAYS love. Always.

Express gratitude at every chance and always acknowledge the BLESSINGS you receive from God and from people around you. This makes you grow. No Man is an island.

Own your mistakes. Acknowledge fault. Apologize. Humble yourself when necessary. But do not be defeated by setbacks. Failure is NEVER a person. That too shall pass.

Tell the people you LOVE that you love them. Do it often. For no other reason than that it’s true.

Have a blessed 2015.

– Mpinga –


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