May I ?

I want to see the things you’ve seen
I want to read the books you’ve read
I want to meet your teacher
I want to hear the songs you love
And also savor the ones you sing

I want to have you under my skin
I want to walk the paths you’ve walked
I want to climb the hills you’ve climbed
And descend into your depths
The very ones that hold you down

I want your ghosts to meet my ghosts
I want to be the reason you are
I want to taste the tears you’ve cried
I want to break the bones you broke
And feel the pain you hold inside

I want your seed grown in my garden
I want my pattern etched in your skin
I want your warmth to chase my cold
I want the stories you haven’t told
And I want my children to hear them too

I want the snow that wasn’t walked on
I want the hope and promise in your eyes
I want to have you with closed eyes
And I want to have you your heart open
But I won’t have you if I can’t keep you


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