So I know it’s real

Don’t text “I miss you”
Call and say all the empty that’s left where I am not
Use your voice to paint all the colors your world has lost since I left

Show up to my door and show me the blood trail
The tear well
Do not half heart me
Or soft speak yourself

Fashion bridges with your wailing
And scream your despair to the sails
Without me you are failing
To find a reason to prevail

Eight letters and three words
Is that enough to convey
The utter feeling of abandonment
That engulfed your being
When you watched me leave ?

Do not miss me cowardly
Miss me like a lover
Like one whose heart relucts at beating
When there is no echo from the other’s


So I know it’s real
Make me feel like an exception
Like a sore thumb,  a vision
Like a once in a lifetime illusion
I am afraid I might take on
Your habit of closed signs
And lose myself
Behind the comfort of alikeness
So do not text me.



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