Where she once was

In a small town south of here
My mother was born
Her side of the hill was known
To breed both beauty and brains
And she was no exception
Now, except for me she never made a mistake
And the church never cares for those
So I was never blessed at birth
Not by any hand of man anyway

I am not from here I was born up north
She dreamed there with him until she died too young
And left me to roll and amass not a layer of moss
Looking for builders to put me to good use
I have been dissed discarded but never picked up
Still you couldn’t kick me I never stayed down
It is unbecoming for a young lady
To be this well travelled and so out of touch
I did everything except stand on the corner
I figured I was worth a bit more than that

He was a handsome man and I take after him
In her country they say
A girl is beautiful that favors her father
But this girl would rather look like her mother
I wish at least I had known her
They keep saying I look nothing like her
And yet I am all she left
Well I am here now and she isn’t
I am here looking for directions
I am here where she once was
Hoping maybe she told the wind
To keep a sweet word or two for her child



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