Still here.

When they said you were gone, 
I figured it was true. 
A joke would be so cruel. 
They said you’d been sick, 
That’s why you weren’t picking up. 
They said you’d been in pain,
But knew it was the end. 
And that’s when I crumbled: 
I’d let you down, 
I realized you’ll never meet my son, 
I realized I couldn’t breathe. 
“Burning my sins” would never be the same. 
And I knew an era was over,
And there would be laughter no more, But I was wrong.
Your spirit is stronger than death. 
It was 10 years ago. 
I still think of you and skip a heart beat,
And every day, I laugh at something you said a long time ago.
You are still here in the hearts of the people whose life you lit up,
By just being you.
You did it very well.
Rest In Peace my brother.
My friend.
My partner in crime.
My teacher.
Toni Jumper, the sound of joy



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