What happened ?

Went to bed tired and hoped the week would end soon
I woke up to find it was only Tuesday noon
There used to be weeks when Sundays came too fast
And now it seems every hour is here to last

I lost count of how many months
Got away from me as I waited for warmth
I always thought I could return to you
No matter if after a year or two
I guess it’s true you never go back home
I just wish I had known before you were gone

Do you ever think of us, our lives?
How we thought we’d be before all the moves ?
The way we were ready for the future
Without even being so mature
As to know the difference between tomorrow
All the time we forgot we had borrowed
And the day after today which is always today ?
Things change yet the same they stay
My friend

What happened to innocence and rain
And the promise that we’d never refrain
From telling each other how sorry we were
Even with tears, even away from here?





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