No flowers of mirth 

​He said

“Big brother gets the lion’s share
Little brother gets in trouble
And the youngest gets the mutton”
We followed suit and did as told

Then his replacement said

“Stand proud and be aware
Show your colors but hide your hair
We are the same and none the wiser
And I tell you when to cheer”

Then she came
With a fiery mane and a fierce name
She said the blame was on the men
And the trouble would leave with them
So we lit a fire and watched the flames

When all was ashes the sky was clear
We saw ourselves and our habit to cower
Our never daring our constant fear
Our selling our souls for a bottle of beer
We saw cowards, we saw veneer
We watched our children dissappear
One by one into the filth
And we never sowed flowers of mirth.



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