Angry black woman 

Skin so dark it drips tar 

Eyes so white you cry milk
Lips so red you speak crimson
The earth under your feet drinks it in
And turns it into new life
Into new ways and new flesh
Into bountiful sugar mesh
Sweet and ripe with expectations
Reaching out to the four corners
Trying to find a new home
After your body is all dried out

Skin so rough it cracks and peels
Heart so broken it’s crumbling in bits
Life is leaving you and all that you are
You cock your ears and listen carefully
The hounds are howling
The hounds are hungry
You hug yourself a little tighter
And shudder as you realize
What a stereotype you have become
What doesn’t kill you leaves you broken 
Covered in blood and covered in bruises
Your scars they say make you wiser.
Is an old patched-up spirit really stronger ? 



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