Lipstick stains 

The taste of her made sense

Her presence mended fences
On opposite sides of my insides
She woke me up
Her sound tore my peace
She broke me in
She woke me
She broke the night
Brought in the light
And like new shoes I took her shape
She played me like a trumpet
She poured herself down my throat
She used and abused all of my buttons
Her lips stick and stain
She blows pleasure into my pain
She solves my misteries
And obliviates my miseries
With her limbs serpentine
The blood rush divine
So voracious like a beast
She devours the noises from my mouth
And regurgitates them in melodies
Draws these lines with her teeth
Writes music in the key of passion
She builds harmonies with my breath
And laces tracks with my heartbeats



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