He found you halfway between home and redemption

He made on offer for your soul
And called it Salvation
You saw the horns but the wings fooled you
The muddy rain from your brains
Clouded your eyes and clogged your senses
The trail of broken pieces had led him to you
And when he offered to put you back together
You thought he’d lead to the promised land
Your heart said there is no demon without a future
Your mind said there is no angel without a past 

At the crossroads
You stepped out of your pain and into his arms
Both mind and heart in agreement
That a devil you don’t know is better than no home
You laid your burdens at the foot of his bed
And your bruised body between his sheets
His hands on you like vines on a crumbling wall
He took your breath hostage
You surrendered to deceptive camouflage
You really thought you’d found anchorage
Everything you wanted was mirrored in his eyes
Every wish you wished was on his to-do list

But if home is where the heart is
Then his was definitely not it
He found your crown and built it a piedestal
But forgot to coronate you or call you queen
You got good at needing people
And he was good at not being there
You outgrew him and he wasn’t pleased
His arms forever short of containing the growth of you
The angel you knew ceased to be
The wings you’d grown by yourself he tried to clip
Told you stay grounded your place ain’t in the sky
Forget the crown you donned an armor
From within you you found your light
Took flight the next day and never looked back
On the days when you thought
You were forever fallen.



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