Say it with me

Who cares if I am broke? I have a job!

Who cares if all my body bits jiggle too much? I am healthy!

Who cares if I am far away from home? I love my “here” family!

Basically the sky is blue and the clouds are all silver lining.

I literally woke up and thought: I am not gonna be so harsh on myself.

I will wear my nice clothes to work (then change into work clothes lol).

I will travel with girlfriends whenever I can and learn to know more women….and the women I know, I shall get to know better.

I will tell the people I love that I love them.

I will be less strict as a mother (that’s gonna be a hard one).

I will be honest with myself. Brutally so. And with the people I love. I will speak the truth from my heart.

I will be happy with the little I have and strive for happiness rather than anything else.

I will love fiercely starting with myself.

And this, I promise me.      



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